Friday, 5 August 2011

5 on the 5th - August

This month's 5 on the 5th theme is "My Town", so here are some pictures which capture different aspects of Bristol. For more entries visit The State of the Nation UK, it's the only place to be...

Multi-coloured Houses, the Floating Harbour, Hot Air Balloons

Anti-capitalist Pavement Graffiti (appeared in July)

Visit Bristol advert...

...and one of the city's top attractions

The Floating Harbour

You can catch a bonus Bristol post over on my Tumblr blog!



Anonymous said...

The balloons pic is simply brilliant, well spotted!


Unknown said...

Very nice shots! The floating harbour is just so lovely, and the balloons are sweet. But I just love the graffiti shot - amazing!

Raybeard said...

Yes, is that a Freemason's reference in the graffiti? If not, maybe it deserves to be.
Your last photo would make a good picture postcard.

Btw My eldest nephew (now in his early 50s) has lived in Bristol for at least 20 years. I've had an open invitation to go for a stay for ages now. Never yet been, though through Bristol once on the train, which hardly counts. The only problem's been leaving my pussies behind. Still, until then I'm getting a lot of info about your city from your postings.

Cubby said...

Very nice pics. I especially like the last one.

oneexwidow said...

Thanks all, :-)

@Cubby I'm particularly pleased with the last one too... took it on the spur of the moment on my way to work!

@Raybeard, I believe it could be Masonic in origin, although in this context I think it relates to emblem on US notes.

Raybeard said...

Yup, Andrew, I reckon you're right - re the dollar bills. Feel a bit silly in not having joined the dots myself.