Monday, 11 July 2011

Wow! Gorillas

I've previously blogged about Edinburgh's cowparade and Bath has had it's pigs... now Bristol has got in on the act (and the art) with a city-wide invasion of Gorillas.

Celebrating the 175th anniversary of Bristol Zoo Gardens, Wow! Gorillas is raising awareness of - and funds for - Gorilla conservation as well as Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal. For the next two months, 60 fibre-glass Gorillas variously decorated by local artists will be on display around the city ahead of an auction at the end of September.

Over the past few days I've seen a number of them. Indeed on Saturday I went on a Gorilla Safari and managed to take a number of pictures - enough for a few posts of which this is just the first! There'll also be some over on my photo blog too.

Sky Gorilla

Little Fluffy Clouds



Gorilla Skelana


Stephen Glenn said...

Ooh! Groovy reminds me of the United Buddy Bears that were in Berlin in 2002.

Raybeard said...

If they were intended to be eye-catching I reckon they've succeeded ....AND I think I can identify the gay one. (Now now, Ray - shameful stereotyping!)

oneexwidow said...

Dear, oh dear, Ray...

Stephen - they are indeed groovy. There'll be a few more similar posts in the next couple of weeks too!

Jade said...

Nice gorilla designs! Nice place to go to as well.

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