Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A conversation with Stephen (2)

Those of you who follow my friend Stephen's blog over at The State of the Nation UK will have already read this post, which is the second in our (very) occasional series of Facebook conversations released into the wild. This latest, instigated by Stephen, starts with The Perfect Man and ends with a Grumpy (Old) Man:

SC - The perfect man...
AB - I think the concept of the The Perfect Man, or indeed, The Perfect Person is deeply flawed. No one is ever going to be perfect.
SC - Indeed, but what about Perfectland where everything is perfect - what do the guys look like?
AB - Hmmm… I suppose they would look like they'd just walked off the set of Kylie's Aphrodite Les Folies show. Which probably betrays an element of body fascism in me.
SC - Its the only good fascism! Despite the fact the Abercrombie & Fitch shop floor helpers are employed because they have good genes, they are a welcome sight in their shops.
AB - Good Fascism?! Hmmm... I've never been to an A&F. Have tried going into Hollister twice but just find it too weird!
SC - Hollister is a strange place - you cant actually see the stock it's so dark. That makes me sound old! A&F is better, though there you have to sometimes shout to be heard over the music!
AB - I was thinking I sounded old complaining about Hollister - and that was without mentioning the music! Or the ridiculous facades. But this is in danger of turning into an edition of Grumpy Old Men...
SC - At what age do you become old and grumpy? I quite enjoy complaining about things!
AB - I think for me it was around 13... So what's your favourite thing to complain about!
SC - People! I despair of society sometimes - the selfishness of people saddens me.
AB - Yes but not everyone is like that - or like that all the time. For example, the British public, through various means, raised £102m for Comic Relief this year, at a time of apparent austerity. I think we should be positive and celebrate the good as well as attack the bad.
SC - You are correct of course, but when I see individual acts of selfishness, I get pretty angry!
AB - Perhaps we should get you some anger management courses!

You can read our first conversation here.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I agree about Holister, its too fucking dark. I bought a shirt thinking it was red and when I got it home it was Orange