Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday Six 35 - @miss_s_b, Clegg, Royal Mail, Kimi and a Kitty...

Happy Saturday!

It's gorgeous here in Bristol - since you asked - hope you're having a good one wherever you are. But enough of the small talk, here are a selection of blogs and articles to have caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

The Very Wonderful Jennie Rigg blogged some thank-yous following the vote passing the third reading of the  Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Commons.

On Wednesday, Nick Clegg gave a speech about the importance of the coalition keeping on to 2015, and chastising those who wished to divert it from its central purpose with continuous speculation about Europe. Andrew Grice in The Independent praises the speech, argues that it should have been made by the Prime Minister as a put down to his internal party critics and his inability to do so indicates the weakness of his position. Prospect also reports on the speech and, whilst being more nuanced in its assessment of the speech and the political landscape, there was no mistake in its interpretation of the central message: "Can the Conservative back benches please button it?"

Next, a letter showing that the Royal Mail can have a sense of humour, even when advising someone that their delivery service is in jeapardy.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix tomorrow, Kimi Räikkönen has been paying tribute to the late James Hunt whose first Grand Prix was at Monaco, 40 years ago on June 3rd. The race was won by Jackie Stewart, whilst Hunt came ninth in a Hesketh March.

Finally, I'm not sure what I find most amusing about this kittyflix video - the kitty's antics or the Facebook page advertised as being But that's just my puerile mind.*


*I tell myself that knowing the word "puerile" comes from the Latin "puer" meaning boy suggests that it isn't as puerile as I make out.**

**I suspect that a vague knowledge of schoolboy Latin is not enough to excuse me from being guilty as charged.

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