Monday, 21 January 2013

Anthology 38 - I am a hunchback

This week's poem is by that Scots literary icon, Robert Louis Stevenson. The author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and a A Child's Garden of Verse also wrote this poem which is much more than the ditty it may appear at a casual reading:

I am a hunchback by Robert Louis Stevenson

I am a hunchback, yellow faced,
A hateful sight to see,
'Tis all that other men can do
To pass and let me be.

I am a woman, my hair is white,
I was a darkhaired lass;
The gin dances in my head,
I stumble as I pass.

I am a man that God made at first,
And teachers tried to harm,
Here! hunchback take my friendly hand,
Good woman, take my arm.


1 comment:

Raybeard said...

This is another poem that's somehow passed me by, yet it provides one with a marked clout on its initial reading.