Thursday, 16 July 2009

Virtual Gallery, Room 1

This is the first in a series of occasional entries featuring works by some of my favourite artists. They are exhibited with minimal comment. Where possible I've linked to the Galleries in which they hang in real life.

This room is dedicated to Salvador Dali, the great surrealist.

Christ of St. John of the Cross is more figurative than most Dali paintings, but is, ironically, my favourite Dali and one of my favourite paintings by anyone!

It hangs in the excellent Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus was one of the first Dali paintings I fell in love with. It is part of the Tate Collection.

This is not so much a painting as a collage. Oieseau (Bird) is composed with sand and gravel forming much of the surface. It is, perhaps, slightly gruesome, but I find it intriguing. It is on permanent display in the Dean Gallery of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Another painting in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland is Exploding Raphaelesque Head.

The final piece I've chosen is Face of Mae West which can be used as an Apartment. A video of the installation can be seen here. It is in the collection of the Fundacia Gala-Salvador Dali at the Teatre-Museu Dali.

I could have chosen many more examples, but these give a flavour of the variety of Dali's work - it wasn't all melting clocks!

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