Friday, 17 August 2012

See No Evil 2012 - 1

It's that time again - Nelson Street in Bristol is hosting the second See No Evil. Last year's event saw a grey, soul-less, dead thoroughfare between Bristol's shopping and entertainment quarters transformed into an outdoor gallery with lots of colourful and images. Sure, not everything was to everyone's taste (some even claimed none of it was to their taste) but there was no denying the artistry of many of the pieces and the difference it made to a journey down the street. This year will see more pieces painted, additional sites used and the event also forms part of  Festival 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad to boot.

Three large scale pieces from last year have been kept; the rest painted over ready for this year's pieces: many of which have been getting executed over the past week. There is also an additional site at Temple Meads this year, where a particularly impressive "Last Supper" scene has taken shape... 

Here are some "Work In Progress" pictures taken over the past week; look out for these and other works in various posts to come:

You can see my pictures from last year's event here.


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