Tuesday, 28 August 2012

36 hours... and counting...

It may only have been just over two weeks, but the Olympics seems to have been ages ago. A fortnight of sporting brilliance, in which Britain proved it could both efficiently organise and host the world's largest sporting festival and win bucket-loads of medals. Ah, the Games of the XXX Olympiad were truly Britain's Golden Fortnight...

Should you still be suffering from the post-Olympic blues, fear not, it's just two days until elite sport returns to the East-End of London and just 18 hours to the Opening Ceremony of the XIV Paralympic Games. It's another chance for Britain to shine on the international stage - and for us to bask in the reflected glory of our Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners - and all the others who perform to and beyond their expectations.

If, like me, you forgot there were other broadcasters than the BBC whilst the Olympics were on, you need to check that "4" button on your remote still works... It's time to meet the Superhumans on Channel 4. 

(aside: I'm really annoyed that that video has embedding disabled - I have no idea why Channel 4 wouldn't want to facilitate it's dissemination as wide as possible and can only imagine it's to do with licencing restrictions in relation to the backing track.)

In case you haven't seen them, Channel 4 have compiled a range of videos introducing both Paralympians and Paralympic Sports.

Here, for example, are some of our Wheelchair Rugby athletes describing the full-on nature of the sport and the injuries it can cause. Like it's able-bodied counterpart, it's not a game for the feint-hearted but as Kylie Grimes says "I've broken my neck, what more can I do?":

And here's (the rather cute) Jonnie Peacock speaking about Oscar Pistorius:

You can find these videos and many more on Channel 4 Paralympics You Tube Channel - go have a browse! And remember, the Opening Ceremony kicks off at 1930hrs tomorrow.


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