Sunday, 5 August 2012

5 on the 5th - Summer Reprise

Stephen has dusted off 5 on the 5th for a Summer Special!

My photos are from my trip up to London yesterday. I wanted to try and soak up some of the Olympic atmosphere, see the Damien Hirst exhibition (review to follow at some point), and take the Cable Car across the Thames from Greenwich.

I succeeded in two of those aims and also met my Uncle, Sister and Brother-in-Law for drinks and a lovely meal. An enjoyable day which has generated stories a few family stories - thanks to my lateness in meeting the others and then a trek across the Greenwich peninsula.

Anyway, my pictures of the day have an Olympic theme. It was ironic that the very day I was in London, I was least in touch with what was happening - doubly ironic given that it was a record-breaking day!

Buckingham Palace ahead of the Woman's Triathlon and Men's 20K walk

The Mall

Hyde Park - Who'd have thought Triathlon would be so popular?!

Olympic Rings (with St. Paul's behind)

Arty Wenlock



jason shaw said...

Great photos, really lovely to see another view of the Olympics from what I see on the TV.

Looked amazing.

Raybeard said...

Yes, this is the kind of images of a 'sideways' view which linger in the memory longer than the seeing of the actual moments of glory. Especially the last one - a figure which was derided (by me included) when it first appeared but now seems to display an oddly appealing playful quirkiness.

Stephen Chapman said...

Great shots - sorry I couldn't help with your route in London!

Andrew Brown said...

Maybe next time...

...I think if I had asked for help, I'd have probably not done it. Completely underestimated length of walk and ended up late for meeting my uncle!

Next time will make sure I have more time and am better planned!


Howard Stump said...

Great shots. Once I get over the jealousy of the whole Olympic thing, I am jealous I don't have an "Arty Wenlock" in my town!

Stephen Chapman said...

Oh you out of towners!