Monday, 27 August 2012

Saturday Six 2 - The Bank Holiday Monday Edition

Well it's only the second Saturday Six and I'm afraid I've already let it slip by a couple of days... I do have half an excuse, though, having spent all Saturday out delivering! That said, I don't have a great excuse for yesterday - I did start blogging but other things just took over...

Anyway, here are this week's six:

First up, another two Assange related posts; The Blog That Peter Wrote analyses his Evita-like balcony speech whilst David Allen Green bursts some of the myths which supporters of Assange have been keen to perpetrate.

Caron has news of the book launch of Paddy Ashdown's new book on the inaugural mission of the Special Boat Service.

Lib Dem Voice's Stephen Tall discusses the imminent cabinet reshuffle and proposes a way forward that could see the raising of the profile of Liberal Democrat achievements in the government.

Jae Kay thinks the Campaign for Marriage isn't just missing a trick but employing Americanised tactics doomed not to work in the UK. Not that he's complaining...

And finally, the esteemed Mo Farah has been photographed running away from things. Lots of things.


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