Sunday, 12 August 2012

Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascent

On Friday after work I took myself up to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta to watch the "Mass Ascent" - when over 100 balloons took to the air over Bristol. (Or, in Friday's case, over North Somerset - the wind direction sent them away from the city!)

Here are some of the pictures I took:



Raybeard said...

Found myself thinking of, then humming, the 1968 Top 10 hit by Honeybus, 'I Can't Let Maggie Go' - which you, of course would be far too young to remember first time round - but afterwards used as background to TV advert for 'Nimble' bread featuring a balloon like one of these - and then later, the song filched by the Tory Party (for obvious reasons). Well, that's enough to bring any of these beauties down to earth with a hefty bump!

Stephen Chapman said...

The fourth picture is amazing.

Would love to see the event one day.