Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Yesterday, The Sunday Mirror published an interview with Norman Lamb, which focused on the experiences of his son: both with mental illness and drugs. Whilst this had been published with the consent of Mr Lamb and his family, it is clear to me that he was bounced into it. 

Whilst he's never made a secret that one of the drivers of his campaigning on the subject - pushing it up the agenda of both government and Lib Dem policy - was family experience, he had never been so specific before. Indeed, when he mentioned his son's problems in a conference fringe event on Saturday night (ahead of publication of the article on Sunday) this was the first time he had mentioned done so in public.

The publication of the article inspired me to start a hashtag on Twitter, which was picked up by Lib Dem Voice and a number of others on Twitter. I'll let the Storify take it from there:

P.S. Following publication of the Storify, and promoting it on Twitter, I received notification of this Tweet, which was gratifying!

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