Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thought for the day

Scotland need a new manager.

That is all.


Stephen Chapman said...

I disagree! I think that he is a fine manager, but doesn't have the players to form a quality squad.

Where are the top Scottish players these days? They are not playing in the English Premiership. remember the days when a good proportion of the Liverpool and Man Ure teams were from north of the border?

The talent isn't coming through the ranks (and the same can be said in England). A change is needed throughout our nations' football.

oneexwidow said...

Aside from being VERY tired after a very long day in the office, and therefore not able to make a longer posting, I was also being deliberately provactive.

I still think I was right, but a more measured blog would have mentioned that he probably did as well as we'd have expected, say, 5 years ago but he was on a hiding to nothing after Smith and McLeish raised expectations.