Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Sounds 34

It's a funny old world - two weeks ago on The Jonathan Ross there were three interview including Jesse J who was there to promote and sing her current single. Last week, the musical guest wasn't interviewed as Mr Ross had three other interviewees, each promoting a film.

Now, it may be that the week before someone had dropped out and Jesse J had to fulfil both roles. Perhaps last week was a particularly busy week for actors promoting films. It could be that the various interviewees were considered to be more relevant to the show's audience.

Any or all of the above may apply but I was left shouting at the screen "If you have someone of the calibre and experience of DIONNE WARWICK gracing your studio, surely an interview is in order?!" We are talking about a woman with a lifetime of experience in showbiz, a contemporary of Aretha Franklin, a cousin of the now sadly deceased Whitney Houston. A lively, entertaining, enlightening interview could have been had - regardless of whether she was promoting anything.

As it happens, Ms Warwick was promoting something. Not a new album, film or book, though - but a Gala Concert in aid of World Hunger Day, raising money and awareness of the 1 in 7 of the world's population which lives in extreme poverty. Mr Ross did get the plug in, but I can't help feeling it was a missed opportunity.

Anyway, here is the beautiful Dionne Warwick, with Walk On By:

Enjoy, Andrew

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Raybeard said...

What this lacks in performing time gains in being two minutes of sheer pleasure.