Wednesday, 29 February 2012

10 things... Worst Films

I reviewed The Artist here yesterday. Whilst I was at the cinema to see it I also saw a trailer for the re-release of Titanic. That was the inspiration for this post - 10 of the worst films I have seen, in no particular order:

1. Titanic. Near, far, wherever you are, just sink/die already. Over-hyped and over-long with an over-blown theme song.

2. Top Gun. I managed twenty minutes of this before then bf asked if I'd prefer Top Gear instead. There was only one answer to that question.

3. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Switched off after 30 or so minutes. Should have asked the Livingston Blockbusters for a refund.

4. The Legend of Zorro. A friend (she knows who she is) wanted to see this ahead of Corpse Bride. I've not spoken to her since...

5a. The Matrix Reloaded. It's all about the Benjamin's.

5b. The Matrix Revolutions. I had to look the title to that one up, it was so forgettable.

6. Fantastic Four. Despite some nice scenes with Chris Evans, I'd have felt severely cheated if it weren't for my UGC/Cineworld pass I had at the time.

7. The Phantom Menace. Another film getting a 3D re-release. One long special effect without any substance or plot to speak of.

8. Austin Powers in Goldmember. The law of diminishing returns in action.

9. The Holiday. A prime example of why I don't really do RomComs - too much Rom and not enough Com.

10. Confessions of a Shopaholic. Forced into cinema by sudden rainstorm, limited choice (and a date who really wanted to see it) forced me into this. I don't really do Chick Flicks and this must be one of the best/worst examples of its kind.

All those and I didn't even get to mention Sex and the City...


Raybeard said...

I remember in a poll a few years back (I think it might have been for Channel 4) 'Titanic' got came top as 'the worst film ever made'. That's just plain ridiculous. Exactly how many films have these people seen?

Stephen Chapman said...

Titantic is far too long and the acting pretty bad in places.

Agree with the list in the main, but dont quite remember Top Gun being that bad, though I've not seen it since it was released! The Matrix movies were just fight followed by story that made no sense followed by more fighting.

Phantom Menace was bad, number 3 (whatever it was called) was truly awful.

Stephen Glenn said...

One thing I not be doing around Belfast over the next few months is anything related to James Cameron's Titanic, there is so much more other stuff here though to deal with that historic moment though :-)

Raybeard said...

Oh, I forgot to agree - 'Top Gun', YUK!!!!