Wednesday, 15 February 2012

NOW! That's What I Call A Tune! 19

So, here we are at NOW! 19... and I'm going to indulge myself. Although the idea is that I choose just one track from each album, this week I'm choosing two. My blog, my rules!

First, as this blog does not have enough Gregorian chanting, here is Enigma with Sadeness (Pt 1):

And in contrast, the wonderfully rich voice of Oleta Adams with Get Here:


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Raybeard said...

The first of these has rather incongruous associations for me viz getting sozzled in a Cologne leather bar at my sadness of having to relinquish my 2+ year residency in Germany. The bar was called 'Der Stiefelknecht' which is a rather neat play on the word for a boot-jack, being the contraption that helps you get your boots off, but also can mean 'boot-slave', which tells you all you need to know about that bar!

Ms Adams, for me, is far more worthy of praise than the universally adulated Adele. her voice is more rounded, more controlled and, for me, easier on the ear. I was surprised, on consulting my pop-music 'bible' to see that 'Get Here' was her only major chart hit, although she also had about a dozen minor ones.
Btw There are several of her tracks loaded here - I'm now playing the fourth. Not complaining,
just that I've got to go now for my first appointment with the diabetes nurse! I'll come back to hear more.