Monday, 20 February 2012

Ads on You Tube...

...dontcha just hate 'em?

Well, yes, normally (some of them can be rather intrusive) but not when they're the feature of the video themselves. And, of course, benefit from the passage of time to numb the banality of some of them.

Here's a collection I found from 1992 which feature a young (or younger) Paul Merton:

and here are some from 1988:

I could be here all day - but I shall leave them at that for now!


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Raybeard said...

The older the ads get the funnier and more entertaining they get. How we (or some of us) sat through those old B/W ones in the 1950s with a straight face is bizarre. For current adverts it really needs stretching the creators' imaginations to be amusing and different enough to hold the attention so as to be noticed and remembered, which is no bad thing.