Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Sounds 33: Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Earlier tonight (or, rather, this morning) I read a Digital Spy story about Whitney Houston being wanted as a judge for the second series of X Factor USA. Barely half an hour later her death was announced.

Houston was one of the biggest, best and most talented stars of the pop era. Her story is also one of the most tragic as her life, and to some extent her career and reputation, was destroyed by addiction. Her legacy is a songbook which is beyond all but the most talented of singers.

Here she is with one of my favourites, the Barcelona Olympics anthem, One Moment In Time:

Supreme as she was at belting out Power Ballads, she also had a wonderful gospel voice as this performance of the Battle Song of the Replublic demonstrates:

Finally, here she is with the R&B-tinged Heartbreak Hotel from the 1998 comeback album My Love is Your Love:

Whilst the best of her career was, sadly, behind her, her death today is no less tragic. The world has lost a true legend and star.


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