Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Auld Grey Toon - Part 1

Yesterday I took several pictures around Dunfermline - including several of the Monastery and Palace ruins, which I shall post tomorrow. There were also a number of others which will, in time, feature on the pages of my Tumblr blog, the widow's window.

Here, though are some of notable buildings and sights in the town:

Andrew Carnegie's birthplace

Doors to the Abbey

City Chambers

Statue of Andrew Carnegie

Pittencrieff House, Glasshouses and the Abbey



Raybeard said...

Quaint. I'm wondering if, with his bob or two to spare, Mr Carnegie left the town something worthwhile for its then and future residents.

Andrew Brown said...

In common with a lot of places, he left the town a Library - which is still in use (run by the Council nowadays, obviously) and which has been extended over the years.

Then there is the concert hall, the swimming baths and Pittencrieff Park.

This latter, commonly known as The Glen, was a private estate when he was a child. He purchased the 76 acre estate in 1902 and gifted it to the town as a park.

Aside from these, the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust is still extant and making grants in the town.

Stephen Glenn said...

That one of City Chambers looks a lot less crowded than last time I was taking pics there. Mind you that was in 2006 and the former party leader was dropping by a certain by election at the time.

Raybeard said...

(re your response above) Wow, Andrew! A.C. certainly didn't forget his 'roots' then, bless his tartan cotton socks!