Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Sounds 61 - The Year-end Edition, featuring Annie Lennox

So there's only a day and a bit of 2012 left, and it's time for the last Sunday Sound of the year... but what to choose?

Well, one of my presents this year was (finally) Annie Lennox's 2010 album, A Christmas Cornucopia. It's a sublime album of carols, which ends with today's track: Universal Child, the album version of which features the African Children's Choir who have more recently sang on Gary Barlow and Lord Lloyd-Webber's Diamond Jubilee song, Sing. You can hear that song on the link above, and find out more about the choir itself by clicking "About Us" button.

Universal Child is a hymn to the human spirit - and an exhortation to personal action to help the children of a continent to have a brighter tomorrow and a real stake in a world where we take peace, rights, freedoms and  possessions for granted.

This version is taken from Red Nose Day coverage in 2011 and that point in the night when Annie Lennox is introduced and you know that you are going to be treated to something special. Even without the appeal video footage in the background, this performance is spell-binding and tear-jerking.


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