Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Hobbit: Out Today

4 hours and counting...  Excited doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about seeing it later.



Raybeard said...

Hoping to see it tomorrow - getting in quickly before the schools break up (exuberant kids, a lot of them munching all the way through or running up and down to the toilet - ugh!)

I'm not sure how they can make an epic trilogy (totalling over 8 hours long, presumably) out of a book that is just 278 pages in my edition, when the 'Rings' is longer than that by 800 pages. Even 'Anna' Karenina', longer still, was adapted very successfully into a two-hour film. Am I missing something? Maybe - but let's just get the first stage of this marathon over and done with.

Andrew Brown said...

Ah, whereas for me, this will be the first of many screenings (not least because I also want to see in HFR 3D but didn't realise when I booked that chosen cinema/screening only had standard 3D...

Also very excited that Extended Edition will have 25 minutes etc - although getting excited about a DVD release before seeing the Theatrical version is a bit perverse.

As for the three films thing: Am completely trusting of Peter Jackson. Having just restarted LotR and reading the various forwards and prologues, I can see afresh so much scope for the background and fleshing out of Tolkien's world.

Raybeard said...

Wow, you really ARE a fan! (A hobbitie? hobbie, hobby? hooby? Lordie? - oh, I give up!) And here am I, going not because I particularly WANT to, but feeling I OUGHT to.
You've totally lost me in there being an HFR 3D that is 'superior' to a plain run-of-the-mill 3D. Didn't realise they ran into 'degrees of excellence', but seeing it once in any form available (even 2D, if that is possible) will be quite enough for me, thank you.

Btw: Good luck again for tonight!