Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A Blogging Top 10 - Part 3

Here is the third - and final - part of my list of the most popular posts on my blog this year, including the all-important Number 1*. As previously noted, this list only reflects those posts written and published over the course of 2012 - as it happens, the top 3 (even allowing for the perennial favourites, were all from 2012. Stats, again, courtesy of Google Analytics.

At Number 3, pop-pickers, is this piece on Stella McCartney's kit designs for our Olympics and Paralympians. I ended by saying I wanted to see many, many athletes wrapped in the flag come the actual games - and I wasn't disappointed!

My review of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows proved very popular - particularly, I seem to remember, with readers in Turkey!

Finally - big fanfare, please - at Number 1: my (then) newly discovered love of Dexter. Since I wrote this, I've seen all 6 series currently available in the UK - it truly is one of the best things on telly. I will be much disappointed when it comes to an end at the end of series 8.


*By which I mean not at all important, obviously!

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