Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Christmas Round Robin

Dear ______________

I can hardly believe it's been a year since we did the last Christmas Circular, but here we are again. And if 2011 was a year to forget, then 2012 was completely different. It was, indeed, a Diamond Year - and not just for Her Majesty (of which more anon...)

Anyway, the year started with Joan resolving that she would learn ballroom dancing: I think she wants to be the next Ann Widdecombe! (I'm reading this out to her as I type - she's just told me to take that out and say she wants to be Flavia Cacace...)

Logan turned five in February and Joan insisted on inviting what seemed like half the neighbourhood round. There were screaming kids left, right and centre - brats, the lot of them. Mind you, most of them had more sensible names that Logan - God only knows what possessed us to call him that; it seemed quite trendy at the time. I suppose.

Speaking about God, Logan played Jesus in the School's Easter play although Joan wasn't keen. She kept saying she thought it was a bit blasphemous and worried it wasn't really suitable for a five year old. I kept telling her that a) the Church of England School is the best around for miles and b) it wasn't The Last Temptation of Christ they were doing. And anyway, if she wanted him to believe in the Christmas story, is was probably best he knew how it all ended up.

In May, Joan went to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace - and spoke about nothing else for weeks before and after! It's a whole other world to me, but she enjoyed herself: all dressed up to the nines, queueing for hours before gates opening at three, then lining up in the hope that she might be "presented" to the Queen or Prince Philip when they arrived at four. In the end, she never met either of them - and couldn't tell her story about how she is distantly related to Philip on the Greek side of her family.

Of course, in June, there was the Diamond Jubilee and Joan organised a street party. I'll give this: she's great at organising. She borrowed some trestle tables from the community centre and had them stretched out down the road, and got me roped in to putting up bunting. If you lay aside the reason, it was a great day, but I had to keep a lid on my Republican views! Like I said, it's been a bit of a diamond year, at least for Joan!

We had two family holidays this year: a week in Cornwall and 10 days at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. We thought Logan would love the "Magic Kingdom" but as it turns out he's probably still a bit too young. He did love the Animal Kingdom and the Waterparks, though. I managed to grin and bear it (too many screaming (American) brats: but at least I got a bit of surfing in when we went to Cornwall.

I changed jobs in September; I'm still in accountancy but am now working in house for an import/export company. I'd tell you what they imported and exported but I'd have to kill you. Ha ha, not really, just my little joke.

Joan's still working as a Health Visitor (or Community Nurse, or some such...) - which is why she was nominated for the Garden Party. She clearly uses up all her empathy and understanding on her clients which is why she's so "crabbit" with me. (Sorry, had to write that last bit in code so she wouldn't slap me and make me change - I suggest you use Google to find out what it means!)

I should wrap up now, but one final piece of news: by the time you read this, Joan will have passed her first trimester - Logan's going to have a little brother or sister!

Right - must get this finished and printed off so we can get them addressed and signed before Joan goes out to her dancing. I know I can portray her as grumpy at times but really, she's not as bad as all that.

I think the dancing's been good for her; it gets her out the house, she's made new friends and seems to have really bonded with her dance partner, Will. She calls him her "sham husband" but I think he must be gay. I'm sure I've nothing to worry about!

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, 


The Browley's : Andrew, Joan, Logan and _________?

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