Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday Six 19

Its the last Saturday - and therefore the last Saturday Six - of the year... Fortunately, though, this is a Christmas free zone; and is also relatively free of New Year naval gazing!

First, Neil Monnery reports on the announcement of Suzi Perry as the new anchor for the BBC's F1 coverage, and of the Grand Prix being covered by the beeb next year. Personally (even as a Sky viewer), I regret that the BBC will not be covering either the season opener in Australia or the Monaco races.

Next up, two pieces from Lib Dem Voice. Giles Goodall reflects on what a Norwegian-style relationship with the EU could really mean for Britain and Jo Shaw provides an update n Lib Dem campaign against Secret Courts: simply, the Leadership needs to listen to the party.

Liberal England reports on one Shropshire man's efforts to recruit members and supporters for the Liberal Democrats. 

The under-representation of woman on Have I Got News for You is reported on by Nick Barlow, who has been updating his spreadsheet at the end of the 44th Series of the programme.

Finally, the Liberator Magazine Blog goes off-message with a message about being on-message. Personally, I'm not against efforts to have us all singing (broadly) off one page - I do feel, though, that the message has to be coherently founded in Liberalism. I suspect that's a blogpost for another day, however...


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