Thursday, 29 November 2012

Saturday Six - #Leveson Thursday Special

So the 1st Leveson report was published earlier and, aside from my own small contribution, the interwebs has been awash with differing takes on the subject. Here are just a few*:
Caron summarises Nick Clegg's statement using the power of Storify. And you can read his statement in full here, with David Cameron's here.
Of course, a free press is a core Liberal belief - and there were many in the party who felt that this cannot be guaranteed if there is any form of State involvement in the regulatory framework. Stephen Tall, for example, believes that Cameron was sticking up for Liberalism today, rather than Clegg.
Finally, contrasting responses from Index on Censorship and Liberty.
The party leaders are meeting tonight and much more debate will ensue - I've a feeling that we'll be coming back to this topic again several times before it's settled.
*Well, six, obviously.

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Anonymous said...

"Finally, contrasting responses from Index on Censorship and Liberty."

I think the contrast is more in form than substance. Liberty is supporting the proposals only as far as they are voluntary:
"Any possible alternative of compulsory regulation, either for all newspapers or those who will not join the voluntary scheme, would amount to state regulation of the press and in our view be dangerous for free speech and democracy."