Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bristol Mayor Business Hustings

Last night I attended a hustings for the Bristol Mayoral election which had been organised by the Institute of Directors, Business West and the Junior Chamber. I went along in support of the Liberal Democrat candidate: Dr Jon Rogers. There was quite a lot of tweeters in the audience (which has made this post rather lengthy); here is a flavour of the debate:


Mark Wright said...

Great way to post this Andrew, gives a great impression of what was going on :-)

Marvin's commitment to an all-Labour cabinet really is all the more frightening because their group is so small right now, and their front bench is the weakest I can ever remember it being.

Of course, he has no option though, because he will be at the mercy of the dreaded Peter Hammond! LOL.

Andrew Brown said...

Thanks Mark, was a good night. I've tried to be (fairly) even handed in the summary...

... that said, I'm not sure everyone was tweeting on the designated hashtag!