Friday, 2 November 2012

Don't go to Corby*

(cross posted from over on Lib Dem Gains - which I intend on resurrecting once the next fortnight is out of the way!)

...come to Bristol instead!

Two weeks yesterday we have a Mayoral Election in Bristol. If you are anywhere near, your help in support of our candidate Dr Jon Rogers would be much appreciated.

As you are no doubt aware, Bristol is currently a minority Lib Dem administration. The Labour candidate is currently favourite and a win by him would see a Mayor drawing his cabinet from the minority party on council! With Jon as mayor we can continue to drive forward Liberal Democratic principles in the City.

There's an action day this Saturday; if you are at a loose end, why don't you sign up here. Otherwise, the campaign office is open every day from now until Nov 15 - and there's always things to be done!

*Obviously if you are in the vicinity of Corby (or Cardiff, or Manchester) then I wouldn't want to stop you helping there; but if you're nearer Bristol - or making a special trip - then this is really the place to be!

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Jennie said...

The Lib Dem phone bank is doing its best, but we always appreciate help... ;)