Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday Six 13

Here we go - another handpicked half-dozen. I'm off out campaigning again today, so I'll not hang around with the preliminaries...

Another Angry Woman has a real go at the way razers are marketed at women. Many of these points could be made in reverse for mens razers adverts too.

Andrew Page over at A Scottish Liberal has a good piece on Nadine Dorries' suspension from the Tory party.

Alex Marsh, meanwhile, had issues with Andrew Marr's interview with Iain Duncan Smith, including Duncan Smith's claim that there are families receiving £100,000 p.a. in housing benefit. That claim is explored over on Full Fact.

Little Grumpy G has found grounds for credit in the SNP's approach to the debate on credit ratings for an independent Scotland.

And finally, this made me chuckle.


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Stephen Chapman said...

Andyroo... I'd be interested to hear your views on the elections for Police and crime commissioners. I have my voting form, but I know NOTHING about the candidates and the job itself despite looking around for some info. I suspect 90% of people will be in the same position and the voting next time round will be based around short term performance.