Sunday, 18 November 2012

Saturday Six 14

So, now the dust has settled on the Bristol Mayoral Election - and the Police and Crime Commissioner election - I hope to get back to blogging more consistently: both here and over on LibDemGains.

I've not had a lot of time online this week, but had bookmarked a number of twitter links with articles worth consideration for my random selection of posts of the week: and here are the chosen six:

First, Caron outlines a debate on the treatment of drug addicts that is taking place in Scotland - and the worrying tendency for some to demonise rather to seek to understand or empathise.

Although dating from October, I came across this piece from the Guardian last weekend on Remembrance Day - a plea to commemorate and not celebrate the 1st World War.

Next, a Guardian article on the Justice and Security Bill which will facilitate the use of "Secret Courts" in civil cases where the security services are involved. Charlotte Henry has written a piece on the bill for the Spectator, which outlines the views of the Liberal Democrat membership.*

Gavin Hamilton has written a piece praising the skills of Nate Silver who collates and analyses polling data to predict the outcome of US Elections. On this side of the pond, Mike Smithson has been looking at some of the figures in a ComRes  Opinion Poll for the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.


*If you are a Lib Dem - particularly if you are a Voting Rep - please do consider signing this petition asking our Parliamentarians to oppose Part II of the bill, as per the motion on the subject which was passed at conference.

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