Saturday, 3 November 2012

Saturday Six 12

It's Saturday, it's 9am and, wonder of wonders, here is this weeks Saturday Six. On time and on budget. 

Those Bond Vigilantes at M&G had a special post for Halloween - five charts that will scare you senseless...

As you will no doubt be unaware, the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales are coming up. Lee at Program Your Own Mind 2 casts a cynical eye over the candidates for Avon and Somerset.*

Richard Morris has been looking at how frequently cabinet posts change hands. I've heard it suggested it takes a good six months for a cabinet minister to settle into a job - bear that in mind whilst you read his findings.

I doubt I'd have been interested in this story if it weren't for the imminent arrival of my Nephew. I don't anticipate being put in this position unless my Sis and Brother-in-Law have gone native in Surreyshire.

Not, strictly speaking a blog or an article, but I reckon this could be pretty interesting once the table starts being populated - bookmark it!

Finally, this made me chuckle - the idea of the Dalai Lama enjoying some Scotch and Rye is quite amusing!

*NB While I don't agree with having PCCs, I don't go as far as Lee does elsewhere on his blog and urge people not to vote. Rather, I urge people to vote for a candidate representing a liberal and reasoned approach to policing. In Avon and Somerset, that candidate is Pete Levy whose pitch is backed up by practical experience as Policeman, Military Policeman and a Police Authority Boardmember.

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