Monday, 1 February 2010

Resolution Check 1

I've decided to start a monthly update on how my non-resolution resolutions are going, I outlined these in a previous post, here, but to jog your (my) memory, they were:

  • Continue to reassess, manage and improve my finances
  • Lose some weight/get fitter (yes, the old favourite!)
  • Read more books than last year - say 25-30
  • Blog around every 2-3 days (c. 147 posts)
  • Re-start my entries to Three Positive Things and explore positive psychology further
  • Commence work on a piece of fiction of my own (other than this list!)
So how's the first month gone? Well, it's been a funny old month, dominated by work changes - first the office moved from Wells to Bath followed by me starting my new job today. I've therefore seen today as being a chance to start to really focus on my various targets.

I can't claim to have made any real inroads, although I did make 13 blog entries which is on target. The new commute involves more exercise, so that should help weight loss, as is my intention to start taking my own lunch to work... which will also help the old finances.

Book-wise, I'm still reading The Amber Spyglass, which I started early in January, but again the new commute is going to allow me to accelerate my reading! I've yet to re-commence Three Positive Things or start any writing.

So there you have it - a sorry tale in some regards, although I prefer to suggest it's more a case of "One Step at a Time".


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