Monday, 22 February 2010

10 things... I love

A while back I posted this which I intended to be the start of a series. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot about it and only rediscovered it when looking back over my 100 (count 'em) postings so far.

Having done 10 things... about me, here are 10 things... I love.

1. Texas and Sharleen Spiteri - from buying Southside on vinyl in early 1990, they have remained firm favourites.
2. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - the books, the films, the radio adaptations.
3. My iPod Shuffle - Modest and unassuming, it does the job!
4. Digital Spy - Meets all my entertainment news needs.
5. Blogging - The process of writing... and getting feedback from friends.
6. Salvador Dali - The first artist featured in my virtual gallery.
7. Architecture - Which I promise to blog more about in future.
8. Iain Banks - Probably my favourite author.
9. Handel's Messiah - A glorious and uplifting work.
10. Rocky Horror Picture Show - Well I had to choose something to contrast with Handel! Also uplifting, if rather less glorious!


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