Sunday, 21 February 2010

100... and still going strong!

This is my 100th post to this blog - who'd have thought it? As I did for my 50th post, I've done some analysis of my postings so far:

Top tags:
  • Poetry (14)
  • Blog (14)
  • Anthology (12)
  • Sport (12)
  • Books (12)

Number of posts with comments: 45

Most number of comments for 1 post: 5

Over the past 50 post, my poetry anthology strand has augmented its position as the mainstay of my regular features. I'm particularly pleased about this as poetry has been something I had neglected as an adult so re-acquainting myself with old favourites and finding new gems has been a pleasure.

I still seem to blog a lot about blogging, which isn't totally intentional, and will be something I'll try to curtail over the next 50! Sporting posts are still featuring in the top five and there's still a surprising lack of Political posts - I hope to change this as the election approaches. Books are new in the top tags list and my reviews are set to continue, so I expect this to be even more prominent at the 150 posts stage!

I had lined up another Guest Blogger, although she is now halfway round the world - I anticipate a rethink of the strategy there! I intend to continue with my Virtual Gallery and have recently started an Iconic Images series as well. I'll also keep contributing to "5 on the 5th" and have plans for a new series of posts on Architecture.


Click here to see how things stood at the 50 post mark.