Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year, New Job, Old Resolutions...

It's that time of the year - okay, it WAS that time of the year about 2 weeks ago - when one's mind turns to the various good intentions with which the road to hell is to be paved. I've long been suspicious of forming new years resolutions on the basis that they always seem to be setting one up for failure.

I used to, however, establish some loose aims and objectives. I tried to make these achievable and measurable. Some were relatively trivial and some were perennial favourites - often involving losing weight and getting fit!

For many people getting a new job is a key aim at the turn of the year and I am in this happy position. Having received an offer just before Christmas, I accepted it at the beginning of the year and I start next month. So that's one of my non-resolutions already achieved.

I haven't formalised any other objectives yet - and am still to decide whether I will or not - but I do intend to do or achieve the following:
  • Continue to reassess, manage and improve my finances
  • Lose some weight/get fitter (yes, the old favourite!)
  • Read more books than last year - say 25-30
  • Blog around every 2-3 days (c. 147 posts)
  • Re-start my entries to Three Positive Things and explore positive psychology further
  • Commence work on a piece of fiction of my own (other than this list!)
Some of these will be helped by my new work - it involves walking more and getting the train which should lead to weight loss and more books read! Some will involve making time and a degree of willpower. And some will depend on good, old-fashioned self-discipline.

So here's to a new year and to success any aims and objectives I do set myself!


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