Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Taste of Scotland

Over the past couple of weeks I've been enjoying various products I brought home with me after being away at Christmas. It is now an annual tradition that I raid Tesco (and normally the local bakers) for a range of Scottish "delicacies".

Although I try not to be too parochial and I'm quite settled here in England there are nonetheless a few things I miss from home. Or rather, I miss the ability to buy them when I want them - even when I lived in Edinburgh I didn't necessary regularly eat the things that I now seem to crave!

So, what was in my bag this year?

A Mother's Pride Plain Loaf - Tall and thin bread with a thick crust at the top and bottom (though not on the sides) and a denser texture than normal bread - magic toasted and spread with soft cheese!

Simmers' Butter Biscuits - Savoury biscuits great with butter and cheese or pate - or honey!

Tunnock's Caramel Logs - Caramel Wafers are quite widely available, but I think I prefer these chocolate covered caramel biscuits which are rolled in toasted coconut!

The ingredients for a Scottish Cooked Breakfast:

Tattie Scones - A type of pan cake made with potatoes
Lorne (Square) Sausage - Beef Sausage Meat in square slices
Scottish Black Pudding - Although Black Pudding is quite widely available, I prefer the Scottish type which lakes the lumps of lard that goes into the Northern England type.
Haggis Slices - A practical way of cooking Haggis for breakfast - or sandwiches!



Stephen Chapman... said...

I heard that you have your haggis slices for breakfast, with a wee dram on the side!

Glad we haven't knocked the Scot out of you. How's that English accent coming along?

oneexwidow said...

Sometimes I even leave out the Haggis...

...Accent not coming along at all! Still sound like I always did!!