Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Six 7 - The (mostly) Lib Dem Conference edition

This week's selection are mostly related to Politics, the Liberal Democrat Conference, and Conference Politics.

First up, Jennie casts her eye over the Lib Dem leadership runners and riders - and succinctly demonstrates why there is no vacancy.

My fellow Bristol Lib Dem Alex Marsh lists what he feels to be the good, the bad and the indifferent things of the conference. His article contains a link to this interesting story by Patrick Wintour in the Guardian. It suggests that even though we pride ourselves on our party democracy, that doesn't mean there is still some element of stage-management going on behind the scenes.

Following on in that theme - this piece from Stephen Tall suggests we need to re-think the way party democracy works in forming policy.

Away from politics, James Allen is concerned about the future of Formula one.

Finally, this piece in The Sun has, understandably, provoked a mixed reaction amongst Lib Dems. Nick achieving "Hero" status in a Murdoch rag was never going to play that well. My view is that it is gives a glimmer of hope of fairer treatment from the papers and I've few problems with it as long as it isn't a sign that this element of the press is being courted. I'm not holding my breath through and reckon Villain status will be restored soon!


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