Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday Six 6

This week's selection is 83.33% political and 80% of the political posts are party-political. That's only fair given that the Autumn Conference kicks off later today!
First, Caron brings us the party's booklet of achievements in government.
Next Bristol West's Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams has blogged an excerpt from Hansard with his contribution to a debate on the morals of tax evasion. It's an insight into an important issue but also into the conduct of parliamentary debates away from the "highlights" of Prime Minister's Questions.
With regular reports of disgruntled members leaving the party for pastures new, it's good to see that it isn't just a one way street, as this post from Liberal Youth's The Libertine shows.
Mark Reckons that he can't take the opposition seriously. He has a point, as he does about the conduct of Front Line politics in general.
Neil is absolutely right in his analysis of Nick's tuition fees apology both that he needed to get the monkey of his back and that this was directed as much at the party as the public.
To finish, a non-political post from Stephen. This made me smile a lot - Carpe Diem!

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Stephen Chapman said...

I do love getting a mention in your weekly roundup.

Wish I had thought of it!