Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday Six 3

Welcome to the third Saturday Six selection of some of the best blogposts and articles I've read over the past week. As ever, it's not a "Top 6", exhaustive or definitive selection - just six that I've earmarked as interesting or notable.
First up, former Lib Dem President Baroness Ros Scott gains an insight into the workings of the TV and Film Production industry and provides an insight into the workings of Parliament and how members acquire knowledge of outside interests.
Nadine Dorries is not someone I would normally read - but this piece is entertaining in as far as she puts the boot into Louise Mensch.
How do you deal with not being selected to compete for your country? David Roberts does it with grace.
Amazingly, this report on Todd Akin is a spoof. It is worrying that I could begin that sentence with the word "amazingly" though.
To round off this half-dozen, two Paralympic related posts; The Independent reflects on the change in meaning and significance of the Games of London 2012 when compared with the Stoke Mandeville Games of 1948. Jeremy Browne reports on agreement with the hosts of future games to promote Human Rights - and on the Government's work more broadly in this area.
And that's it for another week...

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