Friday, 22 October 2010

100 Iconic Objects... in just 5 minutes

I blogged here about the Radio 4 series "A History of the World in a Hundred Objects". This landmark series told the history of humankind through a selection of objects housed in the British Museum. Today, the last episode was broadcast, although I still have a couple of weeks worth to catch up on.

Neil MacGregor manages to make each episode informative without being too heavy or too worthy. His tone is light and conversation with additional insights provided by a range of experts or public figures with a particular perspective to share.

Episodes can be found in the Apple iTunes Store or downloaded from the BBC MicroSite. In the meantime, here's a video of all 100 objects.



Raybeard said...

I gave this series a 'trial' run when it first started early this year, but soon got irritated by it, specifically by not being able to SEE what the hell they were talking about - and so I started running to the radio to switch it off quickly rather in the manner one(?) does before 'The Archers' theme tune comes on. But I know the series has had a lot of admirers so I may be in a minority. Well, each to his own. Can't say I'll try again when the repeats come on - or even talking about a further 100 unseen objects. But there again, I like 'Start the week' and 'In Our Time' so there!

MadeInScotland said...

I loved this series. I hear there may be a second.