Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: E

This week I've gone for a double-header from two of the finest pop duos that this country has ever produced.

First up, here's a version of The Eurythmics' I Saved the World Today from their 1999 album Peace, sung by Annie... 

(Sadly, all the Eurythmics videos on You Tube have embedding "disabled by request". Given that Annie actively encourages fans to upload her material, one can only assume this is the position of either their record label or Dave Stewart. If you do want to see the official video, click here).

Of course, I could have chosen something more obvious like There Must be an Angel or Here Comes the Rain but that would have been, well, obvious!

Next up it is the much more poppy Always by Erasure:

Who would you have chosen - and who would you choose for F? I think I'll be changing direction with my choice...



Stephen Chapman... said...

Great choice Andyroo.

I went to see the Eurythmics in Rotterdam about 8/9 years ago (their last tour). It was a great concert.

I have plenty of their stuff.

It's worth noting that Dave Stewart is so AMAZINGLY busy these days. Just check out his twitter feed. He's written and produced dozens of people lately. And he said that has NEVER had writers block.

Raybeard said...

Thumbs up for Eurhythmics. Good choice - certainly a duo who do not deserve to be ignored.
I see that as Ella didn't figure as your 'E' choice then you must be reserving her for 'F', right? Your remark re 'changing direction' leads me to hope that this may indeed be the case. ;-)

oneexwidow said...

As always, you'll just have to wait!