Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An A-Z of My CDs: D

There were a number of candidates for the latest entry in this strand but only ever 2 really serious contenders: Deacon Blue, whom I've featured before on this blog, and Del Amitri. Both are acts that I was a big fan of in the eighties and nineties.

In the end, I've opted to feature Del Amitri who were the first band (other than various Christian rock/praise bands) that I saw in concert. Indeed, the date of that is etched on my memory: December 21st 1992 at the legendary Glasgow Barrowlands.

This is a live version of "Driving with the Brakes on" from their third Album, Twisted, which contains some of my favourite tracks. This is very typical of the brand of melancholic ballad with which they are most associated:

So that's the entry for "D" but who do you think will get the honours for "E"?


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Raybeard said...

Well, blow me! I would never have guessed the above - but what a relief (again!)

Now 'E' - well the only possible serious contenders would be Ella or Eurythmics, or maybe even Enya (with ELO a little further down the list - and Erasure further down still, but not ignobly so). At least I know it's not going to be Eminem, is it? Ha ha!