Friday, 1 October 2010

The oneexwidow BlogQuiz!

Welcome to an experimental posting - an attempt at an interactive quiz!

Here's how it's going to work: I've set my comments to require moderation, so people can answer in the comments section without seeing the previous responses. I'll accumulate answers over the weekend before publishing them and announcing a winner at the beginning of next week.

Now, I know that this is the internet and you can easily go and get the answers but I trust you, dear reader, not to cheat. I also know you'll be wondering what the prize will be - as if playing for pride alone is not enough!!

So here goes with my first quiz attempt. I've gone for 5 relatively simple questions and it's a topical sports quiz, themed round the imminent Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup...
  1.  As well as the Commonwealth Games, athletes from England and which other 3 countries can also complete in the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships?
  2. What is the "nickname" of the Commonwealth Games?
  3. Where will the next games, after Delhi, be held?
  4. Why did the Ryder Cup not go ahead as planned in 2001?
  5. When was the Ryder Cup first contested between Europe and America?
Good Luck!


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Alex Folkes said...

Hmm. Not sure about Q1. Athketes from Scotland, Wales, NI, Jersey, Guernsey etc compete as GB in other competitions. Assuming you do not mean them, Malta and Cyprus send teams to the other competitions listed. Not sure what Gibraltar do - presume their athletes would compete in Olympics as GB?

2. The Friendly Games
3. Glasgow 2014
4. Because of the Sept 11th attacks. It was moved to 2002 and has been held in even years since then
5. GB and Ire became Europe in 1979