Wednesday, 27 October 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: G

I can't believe how quickly this strand of posts is whizzing by... already onto episode seven and over a quarter of the way through!

Stephen's suggestions as to what he would choose were Genesis and the Gin Blossoms, neither of whom I have any albums by (although I used to have Genesis' 1991 album "We Can't Dance" on cassette). His guesses for my actual choice were Garbage and Goldfrapp and again, I have neither of these. I hope he was joking about Gary Glitter...

The artist I have gone for, after a bit of deliberation, is Al Green. In the end I thought it was about time I featured some Soul! 

First up is a track I first came across on Annie Lennox's cover album, "Medusa" - Take me to the River:

Next is another track I first came across a cover, this time as a single released by Texas between their second and third albums and a version appeared on their Greatest  Hits album.  (It was also included in the North American release of "Ricks Road").

You can comment on this selection and make your predictions for next week by clicking the link below!


P.S. I have no CD for "I" - any suggestions as to one I could purchase to add to my collection?