Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Voice UK Final

Regular readers will know I've been enjoying The Voice UK - and up until last week I hadn't thought any of the decisions (on the live shows at least) as to who should leave each week were drastically wrong.

Last week in the semi-final, though, the public voted and that changed. My favourite contestant and tip to win the show was voted off. It was an unbelievable result as her competition in Sir Tom Jones' team was (imho) nowhere near as gifted.

This was my initial reaction:

Fellow Lib Dem blogger Jennie was a little more forthright, in her own inimitable style. Sir Thomas Jones Woodward KBE was also stunned (livid?), when the result was announced - he also pledged to everything he could to support Ruth in her career.

If you're settling down to watch the final - do enjoy. But be aware of what you're missing:


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