Monday, 25 June 2012

K25 Part 6 - Sydney Mardi Gras

And here, in short order, is the second of the two posts I promised you in my last post.

I've never really got "Pride" - I lose lots of points off my PinkCard for that. Personally, I'd rather get on with my life rather than shout about my Sexuality. And whilst I appreciate that there are still issues of Equality to fight for, I'm really not sure Pride Marches are the best way to go about this - although I will concede this may not have always been the case and may not be the case elsewhere.

I also have problems with the concept of Pride in something you can't change - I can no more choose to be gay than I can being White. And I wouldn't go on a White Pride march either.

Anyway, that's all beside the point, because this lady could probably get me to go to Pride, not withstanding all I've said above! Here is Kylie with a 20 minute set which is a whistlestop medley tour of her Greatest Hits and some fan favourites!



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