Saturday, 7 January 2012

Postcards from Fife

At the beginning of the week I promised you some more pictures from my recent holiday at home. True to my word, here are some taken whilst at home in the Kingdom of Fife.


Andrew Carnegie's birthplace

Monastery Ruins

Dunfermline Abbey
City Chambers, Dunfermline



Stephen Chapman said...

Very nice pics. Someone once told me that Fife was a bit rough... is it?

Raybeard said...

I can't believe it can be THAT rough. Looks like the sort of place with an average age of 60+ - where I could retire to in peace!

oneexwidow said...

@ Stephen

It's like anywhere, has it's good places and not-so-good places. You wouldn't want to live in certain bits of Hertfordshire,for example.

In times past it used to be considered a self-sufficient County - isolated by the Firths of Tay and Forth but containing coal mines, arable and livestock farms and fishing ports.

oneexwidow said...

@ Raybeard

Limekilns, the village in the first picture, probably has a high average age... The rest of the pictures are from Dunfermline which is now little more than a commuter town for Edinburgh.