Friday, 6 January 2012

I'll Have a P please, Bob...

For people of a certain generation (and probably, truth be told, people of a certain class or intellectual bent), Blockbusters was THE gameshow. The concept was simple - choose a letter from the board and answer the question relating to it. Get it right and you gain a hexagon in your attempt to cross the board. Win, and you got to attempt the Gold Run.

The Show was presented for a decade by Bob Holness who has died today, aged 83. Of course he did many other things in his life including playing Bond on the wireless and several years presenting Call My Bluff. But it is Blockbusters for which he is most renowned. Well, that and performing the Saxophone solo on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street...

Here are three videos from You Tube. First, one fan's tribute to the opening sequence of the show, only posted in in July last year:

Next, we have a round of the game, to illustrate the format to those of you (if there can be any) unfamiliar with the format.

And finally, here is the audience doing the traditional Hand Jive along with the closing credits:



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