Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tuesday Titter 6: Pachelbel Rant

I came across this week's video a couple of weeks ago courtesy of a comment on a post by someone I follow on Google +. You may think there's nothing to dislike about Pachelbel's Canon but Rob Paravonian begs to differ:

You can enjoy more videos by Rob Paravonian here. Check out the American Idol Loser Song and his take on the Friends Song too.


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Raybeard said...

I did laugh (a bit) at this, but as he had a classical education (which I assume is factual) he would have known that a ground repeated bass is what one would expect in a canon (also in a chaconne). One can hardly 'blame' Pachelbel for that (yes, he was truly a one-hit wonder, alas). When I play it in a keyboard arrangement the left hand also has those same bass notes repeated over and over. But let's not get too po-facedly serious about it - he's a comedian, after all!

I've only vaguely heard of this chap. Sounds worth getting to know more.