Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Poppy Appeal: Where your money goes

This is the last of my posts commemorating Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. I wanted to shift focus from remembrance to the practical action which the Poppy Appeals facilitate. To that end, I have chosen three videos and I make no apologies for the quantity or length of these.

The first is a fantastic poppyscotland video in which various veterans share their experiences and impressions of military life and facing action:

Next, a young man who was given practical help and advise through the Royal British Legion:

And finally, another poppyscotland video which also features a young man who needed help re-establishing himself in civilian life after receiving a medical discharge from the Army. I felt it was really important to include these last two videos as they highlight the ongoing need for the funds raised by the poppy appeals quite aside from the importance of remembering the sacrifice of those who have died in active service over the past near-century:


This post is dedicated to my cousin, currently serving on his second tour to Afganistan. I sincerely hope, in the best possible sense, that he never needs to draw on the services of poppyscotland.

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