Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NOW! That's What I Call A Tune! 8

The great things about this series is that I don't just get to choose songs by great acts but I get to reminisce about tracks that I'd forgotten about. Browsing the running order on Wikipedia may not be quite the same as handling the gatefold sleeve of a double album (look it up, kids) but it still generates those "Oh, do you remember...?" moments as a buried treasure bursts from a box at the back of your brain.

Last week's entry by Sly Fox was one such tune, this week's is another. It may be a bit slushy, but it is very much of its time - and if this series is not about nostalgia, I'm not sure what is! Here's Barry Gardiner with I Wanna Wake Up With You:


P.S. I did almost choose Cameo with Word Up, but I actually prefer Gun's version from 1994.


Raybeard said...

Easy Listening doesn't get much 'easier' than this. A song to wrap around oneself, snugly.

Stephen Glenn said...

I like this version of Word Up for the brilliant Neil Hannon